Who We Are Today

Beverlee Fatse Dacey


Beverlee has been President of Amodex for 8 years. As a second generation family business owner, she is very familiar with the ins and outs of running a business. Her education at Wheaton College and the University of Chicago prepared her for running Amodex and bringing it forward to the company it is today.

Alexander Dacey

Director of Marketing

Alexander graduated from Union College and immediately moved on to working at Amodex. His perseverance and marketing skills are among a few of his many talents. You’ll often find yourself speaking with him for stain solutions and be pleasantly surprised with his patience when helping you solve your problem.

A. Peter Dacey

Director of Operations

Peter grew up with a knack for building and fixing anything he could get his hands on, leading him to earning a B.S. in Engineering at Trinity College. Since then, he has graduated to becoming the sole Amodex formulator. HisĀ passionĀ for excellence is the reason Amodex is the greatest stain remover in the world.

Nicolas Dacey

Director of Finance and Technology

Nicolas graduated from the University of Richmond in 2011 with a B.S. in Mathematical Economics. His range of talents and skills led to developing our new website and other social media for Amodex