Consumer Testimonials

Amodex Removes Blue Nail Polish

I was amazed the first time I needed to get sharpie out of a shirt and couldn’t believe how it got out the blue nail polish. I was in a panic and when I saw the Amodex working I was more than relieved. You have no idea. lol. You can’t tell AT ALL there was a big blue blotch there at one point. Seriously, it was bad before I applied the Amodex!

Blue Nail Polish on White Carpet

I have to express my thanks to you for your great product. I originally got Amodex to take out Sharpie ink on a shirt. It worked perfectly for that, but even more amzing is what happened to me yesterday! I was applying dark blue nail polish in my bedroom over white carpet. Yes, stupid of me, but I was in a hurry and not thinking. I dribbled a glob on the carpet. Ugh. I’m sure my hearbeat more than doubled! I thought it was hopeless. I remembered the Amodex and ran to get it. I dabbed the glob first with a paper towel to get the biggest part, but the blue stain was awful. I began with the Amodex and it came out! You can’t even tell there was a blue nail polish stain the size of a dime right in front of my dresser. My heart went back to normal and I breathed a sigh of relief.
– Lauren

Our Note:
Lauren responded perfectly to this stain. If you can respond immediately, always do. Getting as much off with a paper towel or napkin is always the best first response. Apply Amodex as soon as you can afterwards for a sure removal of that ugly spot!

Pentel Pen Ink on Hand

I was shaking a Pentel paint marker to get it going and splattered all
over my hand;every inch was covered. I used Amodex and it came off
like that. I really like your product,
– Bob

Our Note:
If ink is ever annoying for you to get off your hand, Amodex is the way to go. It takes off any kind of ink within seconds, and you only need a drop!

Pink Lipgloss on Carpet

Truly an amazing product! I used it to remove a very bright pink lipgloss off of our beige almost white carpet, after trying everything else this worked instantly! This product was recommended to me by a complete stranger who saw me looking at other stain removers in the market. I’m so glad I listened to her this stuff is amazing don’t ever stop making it!


Mystery Ink on Hawaiian Shirt

Lets start with, “I NEVER write testimonials!!!”. NEVER…but I have a little (long) story to tell you. I have a beautiful silk Hawaiian shirt that cost me nearly $250 a few years ago. It was my favorite shirt by far (and the only shirt that I would ever spend that much for…originally a gift for my father that did not fit him…YEAH). Well, at a auto race in Southern California about 4 years ago, my father and I were handed a few sets of beer promo beads that quickly went around our necks. A few hours later we noticed that the blue dye, paint, who knows what on the beads had saturated our shirts, and our necks. : (

We tried everything to get these stains out. Multiple trips to different dry cleaners, Mom trying to work her magic in the laundry room, soaking for days in gallons of other cleaners…and nothing could even make the stain fade a slight amount.

I remembered your cleaner mentioned on a website long ago and intended to get some but never did find any in a store. I just picked up some online and got it in the mail yesterday. I tried a bit on the 4 year old unknown, unremovable stain and kept my fingers crossed. Nothing. I scrubbed and scrubbed…Nothing. I saturated the collar and left for dinner figuring that my shirt was heading to the trash within 24 hours. 2 hours later I returned home to see that , THE STAIN IS TOTALLY GONE!!!!! I could not believe it. I just pulled the shirt out of the dryer and it is just like new.

That is by far the best money I have spent in a long long time! Thank you so much! It is so rare that a product does exactly what it says…but yours does…I am  so happy right now in my warm fluffy clean hawaiian shirt!

Thank you Amodex


Ink Jet Printer Ink on Carpet

Wow!  You can add ink jet printer ink to the list of items that amodex removes:my husband put an old printer down on the carpet in our office, duh… ink leaked out. Went un noticed for  2 days, I went right for my amodex, followed the instructions, and yes the ink was cleaned out of the carpet!!!!  LOVE this product!  Thank you for saving my carpeting!!!


Grease on Silk Drapes

It was some years back when I was sewing for friends. I have a large work table where I leave the things that I am working on. My husband has to walk around the table to get to a work area for himself. On this day I was working on red silk drapes and left them on the table until they were finished. Some how he got grease on one of the panels, I did not know it at the time.He panicked and called our daughter to ask her what to do. She did a searcher and found AMODEX. He ordered it and remover the greased. It was a long time after when he told me the story.I never suspected anything and was glad of it since the drapes weren’t mine! And I didn’t tell my friend either. What you don’t know won’t hurt you! I am very fortunate that they found your product. As a member of The Alter Society at my Church, I am using Amodex to remove lipstick from the purificatores that are used during the Eucharistic Celebration at daily Mass. I have been successfully removing old stains too. And the best is that it is made in  the USA!  Thank you for your FANTASTIC AMODEX !

Oil Based Stains on Colored Clothes

I am doing the “happy dance” in my laundry room this morning! Amodex is the Holy Grail of Stain removers. I bought a bottle of your stain remover in desperate attempt to find SOMETHING that actually removes stains from colored clothes. I have tried everthing over the past 30 years and nothing is dependable for oil based stains such as butter, olive oil, etc. I have donated thousands of dollars worth of great clothes because I couldn’t get out the stains.

Your product REALLY works – even on stains that are years old! – I am amazed! Thank You.


Marker on Velvet Couch

I LOVE IT! Amodex completely removed a 2-inch streak of black marker from the beige velvet upholstery on my dining room chair. Amodex did not harm the velvet and now the chair looks brand new. Your product saved me the considerable expense of having the chair reupholstered. Thank you so much for this wonderful stuff! I’ll never be without it!