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✔️  A 1-oz Bottle

✔️ 5 Stain Swipes

✔️ 5 Trial Packets

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✔️ Click this link and visit the Bed Bath & Beyond website

✔️ Click the orange button “Write A Review” on the left under Ratings and Reviews

✔️ Write a review about why you love Amodex (note: you will need to set up a BB&B account)

✔️ Email with the username you used for the review and include your shipping address

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Amodex is a unique soap-formulated solution trusted since 1958. It is the only non-toxic soap based formula used to remove stains from fabrics, surfaces, and skin. Typically stain removers only work on either dye OR oil based stains, but Amodex works on both. We make the ONLY product recommended by the makers of Sharpie to remove their permanent marker. Our newest line extensions are designed for convenience. Our single use towelettes and traveler bottle are ideal for on-the-go customers. As a third-generation woman owned family business, Amodex is committed to manufacturing 100% US sourced and produced products.